Doc. of Sacred Scripture (Dick) n. 108

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108. The same may also be illustrated by the following experience. There were with me African spirits from Abyssinia. On a certain occasion their ears were opened that they might hear singing in a temple in the world from a Psalm of David. They were moved by this with such delight that they joined in the singing. However, soon their ears were closed so that they no longer heard anything from the temple. But they were then moved with a delight still greater because spiritual; and they were at the same time filled with intelligence, because that Psalm treated of the Lord and of redemption. The reason for their increased delight was that communication was given them with that society in heaven which was in conjunction with those who were singing that Psalm in the world. From this experience and many others it was made evident to me that communication with the whole of heaven is effected through the Word. For this reason, by the Lord's Divine Providence, there is universal intercourse of the kingdoms of Europe, chiefly of those where the Word is read, with nations outside the Church.

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