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16. Without the spiritual sense no one would know why the prophet Jeremiah was commanded

To buy himself a girdle, and put it upon his loins, and not to draw it through water, and to hide it in a hole of the rock by the Euphrates. Jer. xiii 1-7;

why the prophet Isaiah was commanded

To loose the sackcloth from off his loins, to put off the shoe from his foot, and to go naked and barefoot three years. Isa. xx 2, 3;

why the prophet Ezekiel was commanded

To pass a razor over his head and over his beard, and then to divide the hairs, to burn a third part in the midst of the city, to smite a third part with the sword, and to scatter a third part to the wind; but to bind a little of them in his skirts, and finally to cast them into the midst of the fire. Ezek. v 1-4;

why the same prophet was commanded

To lie upon his left side three hundred and ninety days, and upon his right side forty days; to make himself a cake of wheat, and barley, and millet, and fitches, with cow's dung, and eat it; and in the meantime to cast a trench and mound against Jerusalem, and lay siege to it. Ezek. iv 1-15;

why the Prophet Hosea was commanded twice

To take himself a harlot to be his wife. Hosea i 2-9; iii 2, 3;

and many more things of a like nature.

Moreover, without the spiritual sense, who would know what is signified by all the things of the tabernacle, as by the ark, the mercy-seat, the cherubim, the candlestick, the altar of incense, the shewbread on the table, the veils and its curtains? Without the spiritual sense who would know what is signified by the holy garment of Aaron, by his vest, his robe, the ephod, the urim and thummim, the mitre, and the many other things associated with him? Who also, without the spiritual sense, would know what is signified by all those things commanded relating to burnt-offerings, sacrifices, meat offerings, and drink offerings? and also by those relating to sabbaths and feasts? The truth is that not the least of these things was commanded which did not signify something relating to the Lord, to heaven and to the Church. From these few examples it may be clearly seen that there is a spiritual sense in all things of the Word in general and in particular.

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