Apocalypse Revealed (Coulsons) n. 38

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38. [verse 11] 'Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last' signifies Who is the Very and Only One from Primes to Ultimates, from Whom all things are; thus Who is the Very and One Only Love, the Very and One Only Wisdom, and the Very and One Only Life in Itself, and thus the Very and One Only Creator, Saviour, and Enlightener from Himself, and thence the All in all of heaven and the Church: Who only is the Infinite and the Eternal, and Jehovah; and that He is the Lord. That all these things are contained in these words, and infinitely more, may be seen above (n. 13, 29). It was said there that all the characters or letters in the alphabet in the spiritual world signify things; and that their speech and writing there exist from this, and that therefore the Lord describes His Divinity and Infinity by 'Alpha and Omega', by which is signified that He is the All in all of heaven and the Church. Since any one letter in the spiritual world and in the angelic language thence, signifies a thing, therefore David composed Psalm cxix in an order following the letters of the alphabet, starting from Aleph and finishing with Tau, as can be established from the initial [letters] of the verses there. A similar thing appears in Psalm cxi, but not so obviously. On that account also Abram was called Abraham, and Sarai was called Sarah, which was done so that in heaven by 'Abraham' and 'Sarah' those [persons] should not be understood, but the Divine; as is also the case, for 'H' involves infinity, because it is only an aspirate. More about these matters may be seen above (n. 29).

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