Apocalypse Revealed (Coulsons) n. 914

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914. [verse 19] 'And the foundations of the wall of the city were adorned with every precious stone' signifies that all the things of the doctrine of the New Jerusalem, selected out of the sense of the letter of the Word with those who are there, are going to appear in light according to reception. By 'the twelve foundations' are signified all the things of the doctrine (n. 902). By 'the wall' is signified the Word in the sense of the letter (n. 898). By 'the holy city, Jerusalem' is signified the Lord's New Church (n. 879, 880). By 'a precious stone' is signified the Word in the sense of the letter transparent by virtue of its spiritual sense (n. 231, 540, 726, 911); and because this is effected according to reception, therefore it is signified that all the things of the doctrine derived from the Word with those are going to appear in light according to reception. Everyone who does not think soundly is unable to believe that all the things of the New Church can appear in light, but let them know that they can, for every man has an exterior and an interior thought. The interior thought is in the light of heaven and is called perception, and the exterior thought is in the light of the world; and the understanding with every man is such that it can be raised up even into the light of heaven, and also is raised up if by virtue of any delight he wants to see the truth. That this is the case it has been given to know through much experience, concerning which wonderful things may be seen in ANGELIC WISDOM CONCERNING DIVINE PROVIDENCE; and still more in ANGELIC WISDOM CONCERNING DIVINE LOVE AND WISDOM. For the delight of love and wisdom raises the thought up enabling one to see as in the light that it is so, although he had not heard the thing before. This light that enlightens the mind inflows from no other source than out of heaven from the Lord; and because those who will belong to the New Jerusalem are going to approach the Lord directly, that light inflows by the way of order, which is through the love of the will into the perception of the understanding. [2] But those who have confirmed with themselves the dogma, that in theological matters the understanding is going to see nothing, but that what the Church teaches must be believed blindly, are not able to see any truth in the light, for they have obstructed the way of light with themselves. This dogma the Church of the Reformed has retained by derivation from the Roman Catholic form of religion, which passes on the teaching that no one except the Church itself, by which they understand the Pontiff and the Papal Consistory, is going to interpret the Word, and that he who does not by faith embrace all the doctrines passed on by the Church is to be considered as a heretic, and that he is anathema. That this is the case is established from the conclusion of the Council of Trent, in which all the dogmas of that form of religion have been confirmed, where these things are stated at the end:-

Then the president, Moronus, said, 'Go in peace.' There followed acclamations, among others these of the cardinal of Lorraine and the fathers: We all so believe, we are all of this very opinion, we all consenting and embracing subscribe to it. This is the faith of the blessed Peter and of the Apostles, this is the faith of the Fathers, this is the faith of the orthodox. So be it, Amen, Amen, Anathema to the whole body of heretics, Anathema, Anathema.'

The decrees of that Council are those that have been quoted at the beginning of this work in a summary, in which however there is scarcely one truth. These things have been quoted so that it may be known that the Reformed have retained from that form of religion a blind faith, that is, a faith separated from the understanding; and those who retain it hereafter cannot be enlightened in Divine Truths by the Lord. So long as the understanding is held captive under obedience to faith, or the understanding is removed from seeing the truths of the Church, theology becomes nothing but a matter of memory. And a matter solely of the memory comes to naught like every matter freed from the judgment pertaining to it, and perishes on account of its obscurity. Consequently:-

There are blind leaders of the blind, and when one blind man leads another, both fall into the ditch Matt. xv 14;

and they are blind because they do not enter in by the door, but some other way; for Jesus said:-

I am the door, by Me if anyone enters in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture John x 9.

'To find pasture' is to be taught, enlightened and nourished in Divine truths. All who do not enter by the door, that is by the Lord, are called 'thieves' and 'robbers'; but those who enter by the door, that is, by the Lord, are called 'shepherds of the sheep', in the same chap. x, vers. 1, 2. Therefore, my friend, go to the Lord, and flee from evils as sins, and reject faith alone, and then your understanding will be opened and you will see wonderful things and be affected by them.

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