Divine Love and Wisdom (Rogers) n. 129

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129. Angels turn their faces continually to the Lord as the sun, and thus have the south to their right, the north to their left, and the west to their rear. Everything we say here about angels and their turning to the Lord as the sun must be interpreted as applying to people, too, in respect to their spirit. For in respect to his mind a person is a spirit, and if he lives in a state of love and wisdom, he is an angel. Consequently after death, when he puts off his outer coverings which he took from the natural world, he also becomes a spirit or angel. Furthermore, because angels continually turn their faces to the sun in the east, thus to the Lord, people also say of a person who is in a state of love and wisdom from the Lord that he sees God, that he looks to God, that he has God before his eyes, meaning that in his life he is like an angel. People say things like this in the world both because they actually occur in heaven and because they actually occur in a person's spirit. Who does not see God before him when he prays, in whatever direction his face is turned?

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