Divine Love and Wisdom (Rogers) n. 13

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13. How important it is to have a right idea of God can be seen from the fact that the idea of God forms the inmost element of thought in all who have any religion, for all constituents of religion and all constituents of worship relate to God. And because God is universally and specifically involved in all constituents of religion and worship, therefore without a right idea of God no communication with the heavens is possible. So it is that every nation in the spiritual world is allotted its location in accordance with its idea of God as a person; for in this idea and in no other lies an idea of the Lord. The observation that a person's state of life after death accords with the idea of God he has affirmed in himself is clearly apparent from its antithesis, namely, that a denial of God forms hell-and in Christianity, a denial of the Lord's Divinity.

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