Divine Love and Wisdom (Rogers) n. 171

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171. Creation advances to this ultimate end continually by means of the aforesaid three ingredients, which are end, cause and effect, because the same three exist in the Lord the Creator, as we said just above; and the Divine is present through all space independently of space (nos. 69-72), and in the greatest and least of things is the same (nos. 77-82). It is apparent from this that the created universe in its overall advancement to the ultimate end is, relatively to it, the intermediate end. For the Lord the Creator continually raises up from the earth forms of useful endeavor and activity in succession, culminating in the human being, who in respect to his body is from the same origin. The human being is then raised up by his reception of love and wisdom from the Lord. Moreover, in order that he may receive love and wisdom, all the means have been provided. He has also been formed such that he is capable of receiving them if only he is willing. From what we have now said it can be seen-even though still only generally-that the end in creation finds expression in the lasts of it, which is for everything to return to the Creator and conjunction take place.

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