Divine Love and Wisdom (Rogers) n. 174

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174. As regards the atmospheres, which are called ethers and airs, these in the two worlds, the spiritual and the natural, are alike, with the difference that those in the spiritual world are spiritual, while those in the natural world are natural. They are spiritual in the spiritual world because they arise from a sun which is the first emanation of the Lord's Divine love and wisdom, and they receive into them from Him the Divine fire which is love and the Divine light which is wisdom and convey both down to the heavens where angels dwell. They also bring about the presence of that sun in the greatest and least of things there. Spiritual atmospheres are the discrete substances or most elemental forms arising from the sun. Moreover, because they each receive the sun singly and separately, therefore the sun's fire-being apportioned among so many substances or forms and enveloped, so to speak, by them, and by the envelopments tempered-becomes heat, a heat finally suited to the love of angels in heaven and to that of spirits beneath heaven. It is the same with the sun's light. Natural atmospheres in this respect are like the spiritual atmospheres. They, too, are discrete substances or elemental forms arising from the sun of the natural world, which likewise receive the sun singly and separately, storing its fire in them and tempering it, and conveying it down to the earth where people dwell. And doing the same with its light.

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