Divine Love and Wisdom (Rogers) n. 220

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220. Since the whole organism or body directs its powers principally into the arms and hands, which are its extremities, therefore arms and hands in the Word symbolize power, and the right hand a superior power. Since the evolution and emergence of degrees into a state of power is as stated, therefore the angels who are present with a person and in correspondence with all his constituents know merely from any action done through the hands what the person is like in regard to his intellect and will, and so in regard to his charity and faith, thus in regard to the inner life which is the life of his mind, and in regard to the outward life which results from that in the body. [2] Such a recognition gained by angels simply from the action of the body through the hands has often astonished me, but I have nevertheless had it shown me a number of times through personal experience. I have also been told that it is for this reason that inaugurations into the ministry are performed by the laying on of hands, and that to touch with the hand symbolically means to communicate, in addition to many other like things. I have concluded from this that everything pertaining to charity and faith exists in works, and that charity and faith without works are like halos around the sun which fade or are dispelled by a cloud. That is why the Word so often mentions works and tells us to do them, saying that a person's salvation depends on them. Moreover, the person who does them is called wise, while the person who does not do them is called foolish.* [3] One should know, however, that by works here are meant useful services which are actually done. For it is in these and in accordance with these that everything pertaining to charity and faith exists. Charity and faith have this correspondence with useful services, because although their correspondence is a spiritual one, it is effected by means of substances and materials which are its vessels. * Matthew 7:24-27.

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