Divine Love and Wisdom (Rogers) n. 283

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283. Everyone who thinks in the light of clear reason sees that the universe was not created out of nothing, since he sees that something cannot be produced from nothing. For nothing is nothing, and to make something out of nothing is self-contradictory. Furthermore, anything that is self-contradictory is contrary to the light of truth that emanates from Divine wisdom, and whatever does not accord with Divine wisdom also does not accord with the Divine omnipotence. Everyone who thinks in the light of clear reason also sees that all created things have been created from a substance which is substance in itself, for this is being itself, from which can spring all things that are. Consequently, because God alone is substance in itself, and so being itself, it follows that the origin of things is from no other source. [2] Many people have seen this, because reason grants them to see it. But they have not dared to assert it, fearing that if they did so they might perhaps end up thinking that the created universe, being from God, is God, or that nature exists from itself, and thus that its inmost component is what we call God. As a result, even though many have seen that the origin of all things is from no other source than God and His being, still they have not dared to venture beyond their first thought concerning it, lest they entangle their understanding in a so-called Gordian knot from which they would afterward be unable to extricate it. They would be unable to extricate their understanding for the reason that they have thought of God and about the creation of the universe by God in terms of time and space, which are properties of nature, and no one can comprehend God and the creation of the universe from the perspective of nature. On the other hand, everyone whose understanding possesses some inner light can comprehend nature and its creation from the perspective of God, because God does not exist in time and space. (That the Divine does not exist in space may be seen in nos. 7-10 above. That the Divine fills every space and interval of space in the universe independently of space, in nos. 69-72. And that the Divine is present through all time independently of time, in nos. 69-72.) In subsequent discussions we will see that although God created the universe and all its constituents out of Himself, still there is not the least particle in the created universe that is God. We will include as well many other observations which will set this subject in its proper light.

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