Divine Love and Wisdom (Rogers) n. 388

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388. From what we have now said it can also be seen that a person's mind is the person himself. For the first framework of the human form, or the human form itself, with each and every one of its constituents, comes from its first elements continued from the brain through the nerves, in accordance with what we have also already shown above. This is the form into which a person comes after death, who is then called a spirit or angel, and who is in every measure of perfection a human being, only a spiritual one. The material form which is added and superimposed in the world is not the human form per se, but is its product, being added and superimposed to enable the person to perform useful services in the natural world, and also to take with him from the purer substances of the world some fixed containing vessel for his spiritual constituents and so continue and perpetuate his life. I have it from angelic wisdom that a person's mind possesses, not only in general but also in every particular, a constant effort toward the human form, because God is human.

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