Earths in the Universe (Chadwick) n. 107

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107. Some of those who are to be seen on the other side of the planet, those who are gentle and humane, came to visit me; they came into view above my head and I had conversations with them on various subjects. Amongst other things they said that when they were in the world they had acknowledged, and now did so more than ever, our Lord as their one and only God. They declared that they had seen Him in their world, and pictured to me how He had appeared to them. These spirits answer in the Grand Man to the memory of material things which is in agreement with the memory of immaterial things; this last is what the spirits of Mercury answer to. As a result the spirits of Mercury are very much in harmony with these spirits from Venus. So when they were together, the influence from them provoked a notable change and strong action on my brain (see 43 above).

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