Earths in the Universe (Chadwick) n. 52

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52. I was also shown the kind of faces the inhabitants of the world of Jupiter have. I did not see the inhabitants themselves, but spirits looking as they had been when in their own world. But before this demonstration one of their angels appeared behind a shining cloud to grant permission. Two faces were then shown to me. They resembled the faces of people of our world, white and handsome, with a look of sincerity and modesty shining from them.

[2] While the spirits of Jupiter were with me, the faces of people of our world looked smaller than usual. This was due to the effect of the idea those spirits had that their own faces were larger. For while they live as human beings in their world, they have a belief that after death their faces will be larger and round in shape. Since this idea has been impressed on them, it lasts, and when they become spirits they seem to themselves to have a larger face.

[3] The reason why they think their faces will be larger is that, according to them, the face is not part of the body, but is the part which enables them to see, hear and speak and express their thoughts. Thus the mind shines through the face, so that they think of the face as the shape taken by the mind. Knowing that they will be wiser after their life in the world, they think this means the shape of their mind and thus their face will be enlarged.

[4] They also believe that after death they will feel a fire which will warm their faces. Their reason for saying this is that the wiser among them know that fire in the spiritual sense means love; love is the fire of life, and it is this fire which gives life to angels.# Those of them who have lived in a state of heavenly love actually achieve their ambition; they feel their faces grow warm and the interiors of their minds are fired with love.

[5] For this reason the inhabitants of that world frequently wash and clean their faces, and take good care to protect them from sunburn. They have clothing made from bluish bark or cork, which they wrap around their heads to cover the face.

[6] On the subject of the faces of people of our world, which they saw through my eyes,## they said they were not handsome. Their handsomeness lay in the outer layers of skin, not in the fibres coming from within. They were surprised to see some people had faces covered with warts or spots, or otherwise disfigured. They said such faces were never to be seen among them. But they did approve of some faces, the ones that were cheerful and smiling, and had slightly pouting lips. # Fire in the Word is love in either sense (AC 934, 4906, 5215). Holy and heavenly fire is Divine love, and every affection belonging to that love (AC 934, 6314, 6832). Hell fire is self-love and love of the world, and every lust belonging to these loves (AC 934 [965 in original], 1861, 5071, 6314, 6832, 7575, 10747). Love is the fire of life, and this is in fact the source of life itself (AC 4906, 5071, 6032). ## Spirits and angels cannot see what is in this solar system, but they did see things through my eyes (AC 1881).

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