Earths in the Universe (Chadwick) n. 56

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56. Those of them who live in warm climates go naked apart from a loin-cloth; and they are not ashamed of their nakedness, because their minds are chaste, and they love none but their wives or husbands and loathe adultery. They were extremely surprised that the spirits of our world, on hearing that they walked like that and went naked, made fun of them and had lewd thoughts; also that they had no care for their life in heaven, but were only interested in matters of this kind. They said it was a sign that they care more for the things of the body and the earth than for those of heaven, and their minds are filled with improper thoughts. They told them that nakedness was no cause for embarrassment or scandal to those who live chastely in a state of innocence, but only to those who delight in lewdness and obscenity.

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