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39. That good loves truth may be illustrated by taking for example a priest, a soldier, a merchant and an artisan.

A priest: If he is principled in the good of the priesthood, which consists in providing for the salvation of souls, in teaching the way to heaven and in leading those whom he teaches-so far as he is principled in this good from love of it and ardent desire-he procures for himself truths which he may teach and by which he may lead. A priest, however, who is not principled in the good of the priesthood, but who is in the delight of his office from the love of self and the world, which to him is the only good, also from love of it and ardent desire, procures for himself those truths in abundance according to the influence of the delight which constitutes his good.

A soldier: If he is in the love of military service, and perceives his good to be the protection of his country or the seeking of reputation, he procures for himself from that good and according to it the knowledge relating to it; and if he is an officer, the intelligence pertaining to it. These are as truths by which the delight of his love, which is his good, is nourished and formed.

A merchant: If he has devoted himself to trade from the love of it, he acquires with pleasure all those things which, as means, enter into and compose that love. These also are as truths, whilst trading is his good.

An artisan: If he zealously applies himself to his work, and loves it as the good of his life, he purchases tools and makes himself proficient by such things as relate to the knowledge of his work and thereby he causes his work to be his good.

From these instances it is evident that truths are the means by which the good of love exists and becomes a reality; and consequently that good loves truths in order that it may exist. Hence, in the Word, by doing truth is meant, causing good to exist. This is meant by

Doing truth. John iii 21 Doing the Lord's sayings. Luke vi 47 Doing His precepts. John xiv 24 Doing His sayings. Matt. vii 24 Doing the Word of God. Luke viii 21; and Doing His statutes and judgments. Lev. xviii 5.

This also is meant by doing good and bearing fruit; for good or fruit is that which comes forth into existence.

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