Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 1116

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1116. I have been shown the dwelling-places of those who belonged to the second and third generations of the descendants of this Most Ancient Church. Those dwelling-places are magnificent, stretching out a long way and varying in beautiful shades of red and blue. In fact angels have most magnificent dwelling- places defying description, which I have seen many times. To their eyes they appear so real that no appearance could ever be more real. The origin of these appearances that are so real will in the Lord's Divine mercy be discussed later on. They live in a radiance of light, so to speak, of bright pearl, and sometimes like that of diamonds, for in the next life wonderful radiances exist in endless variety. People are much mistaken who imagine that such things do not exist there - things unendingly more numerous than those that anyone could or can conceive. They are, it is true, representatives like those sometimes seen by the prophets; but to those who are in the next life these representatives are nevertheless so real that they regard them as realities, and the things belonging to this world by comparison as non-realities.

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