Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 2474

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2474. Without his knowing it, the ideas and the ends in view belonging to all the things which a person sees and hears, and for which he feels an affection, are implanted in his interior memory, and there they remain without anything being lost, even if they are erased from his exterior memory. The interior memory is such therefore that it has written into it every detail, indeed every smallest detail, which the person has ever thought, said, or done, including those things which appeared to him in shadow, even the tiniest. This goes on from earliest childhood right through to extreme old age. The memory of all those things man retains on entering the next life, and he is gradually brought into a complete recollection of them. This is HIS BOOK OF LIFE which is opened in the next life and according to which he is judged. This is something man may scarcely credit but it is nevertheless perfectly true. All his ends in view, which for him had lain in obscurity, and all his thoughts, also all his consequent utterances and deeds, down to the smallest point of all, are written down in that Book, that is, in his interior memory. And as often as the Lord permits, they are brought out into the open before angels as if in broad daylight. This has been demonstrated to me frequently and proved to me from so many experiences as to leave no room for any shadow of doubt.

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