Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 2728

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2728. Now because few at the present day know what genuine conjugial love is, as has been stated, that love will now be described from things that have been disclosed to me. Conjugial love has its origin in the marriage of Divine Good and Truth, and so in the Lord Himself. But the derivation of conjugial love from that marriage cannot be seen by man, neither by sensory perception nor by mental apprehending; but it may nevertheless become clear to him from influx and from correspondence, as well as from the Word. It may become clear from influx, in that from the union of good and truth which flow in from the Lord, heaven is compared to a marriage, and is called a marriage; from correspondence, in that when good united to truth flows down into a lower sphere it presents itself as a union of minds, and when it flows down into a lower sphere still it presents itself as a marriage. Consequently the union of minds springing from good united to truth from the Lord is conjugial love itself.

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