Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 6359

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6359. 'And their wrath, for it is hard' means an aversion to the truth that is derived from good - a firm and determined aversion. This is clear from the meaning of 'wrath' as an aversion to truth - 'wrath' is used in reference to truth and 'anger' to good, see 3614; and from the meaning of 'hard' as firm and determined. For when a false idea has been accepted so firmly that a person is convinced it is right it is then hard and fast. I have been allowed from experience to know of such hardness, for among spirits and angels truth from good looks like and presents itself as something soft, whereas falsity from evil does so as something hard, becoming ever harder as such falsity from evil becomes more firmly accepted. Once firm proof based on much evidence has led to utter conviction that it is right, that hardness among them seems to be like the hardness of a bone. Such hardness is also like the hardness of an object in the world, in that rays of light rebound from it. In the same way when the light of heaven flowing from the Lord falls on the hardness that falsity from evil produces, it rebounds; but when on the other hand the light of heaven flowing from the Lord falls on the softness that truth from good produces, it is taken in.

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