Doc. of Sacred Scripture (Dick) n. 92

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92. Appearances of truth, that is, veiled truths, may be taken from the Word for unveiled truths, and when confirmed, they become falsities. This may be evident from the many heresies which have been and still are prevalent in Christendom. Heresies themselves do not condemn men, but an evil life; and men are also condemned by confirming from the Word falsities which are inherent in heresy and by reasoning from the natural man. For everyone is born into the religion of his parents, and is initiated into it from infancy. He later adheres to it, nor can he of himself get rid of its falsities because of his business connections in the world. What does condemn is living an evil life, together with the confirmation of falsities to the utter destruction of genuine truth. That man is not sworn to falsity who adheres to his own form of religion and believes in God; and, if a Christian, who believes on the Lord, regards the Word as holy and from religious principles lives according to the Commandments of the Decalogue. Therefore when he hears the truth and perceives it according to his capacity, he can accept it, and thus be rid of his falsity. It is otherwise with the man who has confirmed the falsities of his religion, as a falsity confirmed remains, and cannot be eradicated. For after confirmation, a falsity is as though a man has sworn to it, especially if it agrees with his self-love, and consequently with the pride of his own wisdom.

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