Earths in the Universe (Chadwick) n. 103

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103. I was given further information by the spirits of that world about its inhabitants, revealing amongst other things the nature of their society. They said that they live grouped into families, each one separate from others. So a husband and wife with their children form a group. When the children marry, they leave their parents' home and take no further interest in it. As a result the spirits of that world are to be seen in pairs. They do not bother much about food and clothing. They live on the fruits and vegetables their world produces. They wear light clothing, since they are protected by a thick skin or coating, which keeps out the cold. Moreover, they told me that all the people in their world know that they will live on after death, so they pay no attention to their bodies, except so far as to keep alive. Life they say will continue, and serve the Lord. It is for the same reason too they do not bury the bodies of the dead, but throw them out, covering them with branches from the trees of the forest.

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