Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 8787

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8787. 'Go to the people' means a joining together. This is clear from the representation now of 'Moses' as the truth from God which was below heaven, dealt with above in 8760; and from the representation of the children of Israel, to whom 'the people' to whom he was to go refers here, as those belonging to the spiritual Church, dealt with often. The reason why 'go to the people', when said by Jehovah, means a joining together is that the truth from God, represented by 'Moses', is the intermediary between the Divine and those belonging to the Church; for in order that the joining together represented here by the covenant between Jehovah and the people may take place an intermediary must be present. Therefore also 'Moses' represents the truth from God below heaven joined to God's truth in heaven, 8760, so joined in order to serve as an intermediary.

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